Tuidang Center Volunteer in China
I came to know a lady named Han about a year ago, but we had little to say to each other back then. Recently, when she came to my shop, I decided to talk to her about renouncing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
She said to me, “I am so tired these days,” and took a seat. Looking very weak, she continued, “The doctor diagnosed me with menopausal syndrome—but I am only 42. I don’t know what to do.”
I was genuinely worried about her and told her, “I know something that could help you.”
In traditional Chinese culture, good deeds are rewarded, while bad ones are punished. We believe this to be a universal principle. So when a person knowingly associates with something evil or someone who commits bad deeds, Heaven will hold them accountable as well. I thought by helping her sever her ties with the CCP, she could begin to feel better.
“What is it? Please tell me,” She asked, looking anxious.
“Do you agree that the CCP is corrupt?” I simply asked.
“Of course I do,” she responded.
“Then how about withdrawing from the CCP and its affiliated organizations?” I asked.
I wanted her to clearly understand the implication of my question.
“Since we have all taken vows to follow the Party upon joining it at a young age, we are all accomplices to their brutality, such as killing innocent people. By renouncing and withdrawing from the Party and its affiliated organizations, you will be blessed and have a new future,” I told her.
“Yes, please, help me quit,” Han said without hesitation. “I joined the Young Pioneers when I was in elementary school.”
The following day, Han returned to my shop. She looked much more energetic and happy. “I slept very well last night and haven’t felt so good for a long time. I really want to thank you!” she said.
She then continued, “Two days ago, someone told me about a person that could help me. But when my husband and I went to visit that person, a big dog barred our way. It was trying to prevent the meeting. When we did get a chance to talk, the dog kept barking incessantly. In the end, we had to leave without accomplishing anything.”
“Because of the incident with the dog, my husband took it as a sign that consulting with that person would have a bad result.”
“Then that night, in a dream, someone told me to go east for something good. That is how I ended up at your shop yesterday.”
She said, it was as if Heaven was directing her to change her fate.
Han thanked me again and left.
“Commentary 6: On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture” The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

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