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Women at the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party in Flushing (Samira Bouaou, Epoch Times)

Women at  Tuidang Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party in Flushing (Samira Bouaou, Epoch Times)

It was close to the end of a busy day at the United Nations in New York City. Loads of tourists from China came and left. It was 2:30 pm and Mrs. Fang, a Tuidang volunteer, was getting ready to leave when she noticed a woman’s purse, on the ground, unattended.
A group of tourists had just left. She was trying to advise them to quit the Chinese Communist party (CCP), but the tour guide told them to hurry up with taking their photos in front of United Nations as they were on a tight schedule. The purse was left where they took pictures of each other. She knew they would come back to look for that purse.
She did not touch it, she called a police officer over, let him know where the purse was, and that someone has left it behind.
3:00pm was quitting time and fellow Tuidang volunteers were packing up and asked Fang to leave with them but Fang told them she would stay to see the purse returned to its owner.
The police officer came and looked around. He circled the purse and did not touch it. At 3:00pm all visitors had left, the police brought a dog to sniff the purse, and then the officer picked it up and looked inside.
At about 3:30pm two men and a woman came to ask about the purse. One of the men was the purse-owner’s husband, the second a tour guide from Flushing, the third a woman tour guide from China.
The purse owner has sent her husband to pick up her purse but the police would not give it to the husband because he could not tell what was inside the purse; they told him they would only give it to the actual owner.
The husband and the two tour guides went outside to wait for the purse-owner to come. There they met with Fang and while waiting they talked about the current situation in China and Fang told them about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.
“When you were here earlier you had no time to quit the CCP and you left in a hurry. But here you are, back again. This is a second chance for you to quit the CCP,” said Fang.
The woman tour guide told her that she has been passing thru so many tourist sites and had plenty opportunities to quit the CCP but she hasn’t done it so far.
“You did not have to wait for the purse to be returned to its owner, that was very kind of you. Today I wish to quit the CCP with your help.”
The tour guide from Flushing said he wanted to quit the CCP too. He told Fang that from now on, time permitting, he will suggest that the tourists talk to the Tuidang volunteers at the tourists sites he visited.
The husband just smiled.
Fang found out why when his wife, the purse-owner, arrived. She quietly told Fang she was a Falun Gong practitioner, she thanked Fang, they hugged, and said their goodbyes.

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