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Global Tuidang center for quitting  the Chinese Communist Party (clearwisdom)

Global Tuidang center for quitting the Chinese Communist Party (clearwisdom)

Mrs. Xi, a Tuidang volunteer, while attending a Tuidang information table on Main Street in Flushing, New York noticed a young Chinese man looking at the Tuidang table, nodding his head in disapproval. In his late teens, he had a backpack on and looked like he had just returned from school.
She said: “Quit the CCP and you’ll have a safe future.”
He replied, “ I don’t believe that.”
“What don’t you believe?” she asked.
“I am a student, I want to have a future in China, don’t talk to me about quitting the CCP,” he said.
Mrs. Xi could understand the young man’s concerns but she also knew they arose from fear because the CCP ruled with fear. This fear was blocking the young man’s conscience and correct assessments of things.
She tried digging for and pleading to his conscience.
She told him, “Since you study here you must have had access to the true story of the 1989 June 4th Tiananmen massacre; many students died there. The CCP betrayed the students and simply butchered them to create fear. Your concerns come from this fear.”
How could he feel safe by abiding to the CCP, she asked, it was truly unsafe to trust the CCP.
She told him that Communism was not part of Chinese culture, it came from Marxism, from a foreign western country, and that the only way to overcome that instilled fear was by behaving according to true Chinese traditional moral values that were about kindness. By murdering the students at Tiananmen Square back in 1989, the CCP displayed it’s cruelty- the total opposite of Chinese values.
“If you want to free yourself from fear and be a true Chinese you need to act like a true Chinese and separate yourself from the CCP,” she said.
He now nodded with approval and asked to quit the young pioneers.

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