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Hidden Character Stone in Guizhou Province (Xinua.Net)

Hidden Character Stone in Guizhou Province (Xinua.Net)

I am an English middle school teacher in a Chinese remote township, a Falun Gong practitioner and a Tuidang volunteer.

My students are from 12 to 15 years old. I spoke to the class on the first day of school and said, “You are no longer elementary school students. You are in middle school, and you do not have to wear the red scarf.

On the blackboard I wrote, ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance’ and explained the three characters to them. I then told them how a good person behaved.

One student was a slow learner. He was not even able to remember three new words in one lesson. I asked him, “What are the principles for a human being?”In a clear and confident voice, he answered, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance!”

All Students In My Class Quit the CCP

I found material in the English textbook suitable to connecting with Dafa truths. For example, when I was teaching the lesson “Noah’s Ark,” I told them: “When human beings became bad, heaven punished them with a flood. God told Noah to build an ark. Only good people were allowed to board his boat to escape the flood.

The story tells us that to be blessed by God you must be a good person. 

When teaching the lesson on the “Pyramids,” I talked about prehistoric culture. The students learned that there is not just one period of civilization.

I then told them about the Hidden Character Stone in Guizhou Province. Their homework assignment was to check online about the words on the rock.

“What is written on the Hidden Character Stone?” I asked them the following day.

“The Chinese Communist Party must perish,” they answered.

“The Chinese Communist Party must perish,” Right, I said, “Both the Young Pioneers and Youth League are CCP organizations. Withdrawing from these will keep us safe. Should everyone withdraw?” “Yes! Everyone should withdraw,” the students’ voices echoed.

Days later I asked: have you all quit the Young Pioneers (an affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?”  The entire class responded “Yes! We have!”

“Congratulations, as a middle school student, you will first learn to be a good person.”

I talked about the changes of the dynasties and explained how historic facts show us that when a government is corrupt and incompetent, a new dynasty will replace it. I explained how the corruption of the CCP would result with its termination.

“What should we do then?” asked the students.

I continued: “Even if the ruling party is gone, the country, along with its 5,000 years of civilization, will last. When the battery is bad in a clock, we replace it with a new one, and then the clock will work again.”

“Teacher,” my students often said to me, “you gave us your heart, and we gave you ours.”

When I was assigned to a new class, my students cried. The entire school was surprised to see my students crying on my last day with them.

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