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A practitioner (with balloons) talks to a passerby about Falun Gong .(minghui)

The Chinese community in Brooklyn, New York, held their annual New Year celebration along 8th Avenue on Saturday the 18th. Falun Gong practitioners and Tuidang volunteers set up a booth and handed out New Year gifts, including calendars, balloons, and  informational materials.

Volunteers spoke to people about withdrawing their membership from the Chinese communist party. Many people said that they had already quit, a number of them at the same event last year.

Over the course of the five-hour event, 242 Chinese quit the Party and its affiliated organizations once they learned about the shameful history of the Party.

Adelaide, Australia

A street fair took place in Adelaide on February 17, 2018, the day after Chinese New Year. Many people were happy to hear about Falun Dafa and were surprised to learn about the ongoing persecution of the practice in China.
Helen Manos, a retired teacher, greeted the practitioners. She said that since hearing about the atrocities in China several years ago from human rights organizations, she has become actively involved, contacting Members of Parliament and the foreign minister about helping stop the persecution.
Lyndon Grimmer, also a retired teacher believes that, under the rule of the communist party, many people in China have compromised their moral principles. “I hope that more Australians could learn Falun Dafa,” he said.

A Chinese student named Chi was glad to see the practitioners. Back in China, his mother and several aunts practice Falun Dafa. “I saw similar materials in their homes too. Glad to see Falun Dafa in so many different countries,” he smiled.

Like many other Chinese, both Chi and his wife have agreed to renounce their membership in the communist party’s organizations, after they learned of the bad deeds committed by the regime. Nineteen Chinese residents and tourists also decided to renounce their Party membership that day.

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