I am a Falun Dafa practitioner for more than 21 years and I volunteer for the Tuidang movement to help Chinese tourists quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

My wife, who emigrated to Canada from China,  suggested that we talk with Chinese at a tourist site and help them quit the CCP.

I remember a winter weekend when the temperature was 14ºF [-10ºC] with winds that made it seem more like -4ºF [-20ºC]. My wife and I kept talking to tourists for several hours. My face was numb from the cold, but I felt warm inside.

I was leaving a supermarket one day after shopping when I almost collided with a guy who was about to go to the supermarket. I smiled at him and immediately started a conversation. I asked if he had heard about withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. He had no idea what withdrawing from the party was all about.

“Many people,” I said, “who came from China and who joined the CCP’s youth organizations have chosen to quit them. That is because when you joined the CCP, you held up your fist and vowed that you would give your life to struggle for the CCP. But your life is your own, and you don’t give your life to anyone. Thus, we help erase that poisonous oath, so you can be safe.”

“Okay. No problem,” he said, and gave me his name so that he could withdraw from the CCP. I then talked to him more about Dafa. He expressed that he was extremely grateful. As he was leaving he looked back and waved.

One day there was a long line in the front of the Chinese consulate. I worked with another practitioner talking to the people waiting in line. We were on each end and talked to every visitor. Most of them readily agreed to withdraw from the CCP. Only a few visitors refused to withdraw.

Let’s go to the airport to meet Chinese tourists

The Chinese consulate had moved to an online reservation system for visas and I wondered where I should go to now? My wife seemed to read my mind and said, “Let’s go to the airport .” I said, “That’s great!”

When we first went to the airport, there were so many Chinese people lining up to wait for their luggage.

I came across a number of people who thought I was someone they knew and initiated a conversation with me. I changed the topic to Dafa and persuaded them to quit the CCP. They agreed.

Young people who are around 20-years-old usually don’t seem to have so many human notions. They tend to readily accept the truth and withdraw from the CCP.

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