A Tuidang volunteer from China  |  Minghui

The publication The Ultimate Goal of Communism can awaken the world from the evil spirit of the communism and return people to the ways of traditional Chinese culture. It is highly recommended for saving people. I made over 50 copies of this publication and distributed them.

I was sitting next to an elderly man on a bus one time. During our conversation, I asked whether he had read this book. He said he had never seen it. “It is very good,” I replied, as I handed it to him.

He looked at it and said, “Thank you! I’ll read it when I get home.”

Another day, a man dropped some change when he was paying for his groceries. I picked up the coins, handed them to him, and said, “I will give you a new book.”

He looked at it and said, “Oh! This is good. Our fates must really be intertwined.”

I try and talk to as many people as I can about the book. I went to a crowded shopping area and saw an elderly man trying to buy some produce. There were too many people, and he wasn’t managing very well.

I approached him, handed him the book, and asked him to look at it.

“I can’t see very well,” he said. “I’ll have to go home and get my glasses.”

While I was talking to him, the person next to me was also looking at the book. It seemed like he wanted to have one, too, so I handed him a copy. He smiled and left quickly. There were so many people that day, and many of them wanted a copy of the book. Sadly, I didn’t have a copy for everyone that wanted one.

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