In January 2009 I was arrested and taken to a detention center when I was talking to people about Falun Dafa.

Enemies Resolved Hatred

I didn’t sleep during my first night there, as I was talking all night with two young women in my cell. The women hated each other and had serious conflicts with their small businesses. Both of them had been arrested and had been alone together in the cell before I arrived. The atmosphere was tense.

One of them asked: “Why do you still practice after the government has banned it? I answered their questions one by one, and they soon forgot about their hatred toward each other while we talked.

I told them ancient stories about mutual tolerance, stories of Falun Dafa practitioners foregoing personal benefits, and my personal story of giving up my land to let my neighbor build a house.

I told them to ask a guard to relay a message to the officials, that it will soon be the Chinese New Year, and they have decided to reconcile and stop fighting.  They both quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations that they had joined in the past.

Abused Woman Calms Down

While I was talking to someone at a railway station about Falun Dafa, I saw a middle-aged woman crying at the ticket desk. I approached her and asked her what was wrong.

We went to a quiet place nearby to talk. She told me that she had been beaten by her husband and his brother, and was headed to her parents’ town to gather support to fight back.

“Don’t fight anymore,” I said. “No matter who is hurt, the loss will only grow.”

“You’re such a good person!” she said, as she started to calm down. Her anger disappeared, and she shook my hand.

I helped her to quit the Young Pioneers, a CCP organization that she had joined in the past.

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