Despite the high heat in Taipei on the last weekend of September, an increasing number of tourists from mainland China took advantage of their holidays to visit Taiwan.

In front of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, a  tour guide introduced to his group when passing Falun Gong display boards, “Take a look. You will find this Taiwan’s specialty at every tourist site. Display boards, the best blessings to you from Falun Gong practitioners. Take a good look. We will meet here after watching the ceremony at Memorial Hall.”

Another tour guide and a group leader were chatting together next to Falun Gong activities. The tour guide said loudly to the group leader, “Forbearance! You have to practice Forbearance! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance! You will gradually let things go after you practice Forbearance.”

A young couple from Fujian Province approached Falun Gong practitioners to ask for directions. The husband said pointing at the display boards, “I have broken through the internet blockade in China and read this before. My friends have also broken through the blockade and read about it from the internet. None of us believe in the communist party. I have also read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. It is very true. No one in China likes Jiang Zemin (the former leader). He will be punished for the wicked things he has done.”

The husband also decided to quit all communist organizations after hearing a practitioner’s explanation of its significance. The wife said, “I should find out more too. Could you give me something to read?” The practitioner gave her a copy of the newsletter and helped her quit the communist organizations.


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