An old colleague of mine, a former teacher, left teaching for politics and became a deputy county magistrate. Each time I bumped into him, he would just say hello and leave quickly. He was afraid of hearing me talk about Falun Gong and even more scared to accept any information.

However, things are changing. He saw me again not long ago and invited me for a chat. He told me excitedly that when he went on a holiday overseas recently, he saw a Falun Gong presentation in a parade and that it was truly magnificent. “A democratic society is so different from China, and there is so much freedom,” he said. He also told me that he read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party while overseas.

“I didn’t dare to read it while I was still working. Now that I’m retired, I really need to consider quitting the CCP. Please help me quit the Party. The CCP is truly corrupt and very dangerous.”

“I will certainly help you quit the CCP,” I said to him.

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