There are several colleges and universities near my home, and many students can be seen in the nearby park in the evening or on weekends. This is a great opportunity to talk to these young people.

Take a police academy as an example. I told the students there that it is the responsibility of the police to keep the community safe, punish criminals and encourage people to do good deeds. Most of all, they should not persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. I told them about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) crimes, including its being responsible for the deaths of more than 80 million people during their various political campaigns, and the harvesting of organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners.

Most of the students accepted my words, and quit the CCP.

When I met several students in a park, one of them asked, “Do you still remember us?” He pointed to one of his friends and said, “This young man still doesn’t know, can you tell what you told us.”

I often encounter young people who hold outdoor events, and use the opportunity to let them know about Dafa and the persecution.

I saw eight people standing together one time, I went over to talk to them. I briefly introduced Falun Dafa and then told them about quitting the CCP. Surprisingly, they all quit the Party.

People have often said to me, “You’re kind, You care about us, so we believe you.”

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