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An old friend of mine, who turned 85 this year, joined the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) before it seized power. He was seriously brainwashed by its atheistic ideology and really stubborn.

I had been to his home many times and wanted to tell him the truth about Falun Dafa, but he refused to let me in. I thought that he was a very good person but he was blinded by the CCP’s propaganda.

On the way to his home one day, I was knocked down by a taxi. In an instant, however, it seemed that someone had pulled me up. How could an old man like me stand up so easily?

The taxi driver who bumped into me was scared and quickly offered me 500 yuan and asked to take me to the hospital. I immediately turned him down and said, “You can go, I am fine.”

The bystanders said, “Anyone else would take this opportunity to extort money. Why do you turn down the money?”

I replied, “I practice Falun Dafa. I was not injured. How can I take someone’s money dishonestly?” I didn’t know that one of the bystanders happened to be my old friend’s daughter-in-law.

She told my friend what she saw when she got home. The next day, I went to my friend’s home again and, this time, he actually opened the door for me!

He asked me, “Are you all right from the car accident? Why didn’t you go to the hospital? You are silly for not taking the 500 yuan. How can you find the taxi driver in the future if there is something wrong with you?”

He then confided, “I was home every time you came here—I just didn’t want to let you in. But I was moved when I heard that you refused to take the money after being hit by a car. That’s why I opened the door today.”

From then on, I went to his home whenever I had time and told him the truth about Dafa and the CCP persecution, as well as why he should quit the Party.

He now accepts the information I bring him. His daughter-in-law also read the materials and asked, “Is Falun Dafa really so good?”

Witnessing that event, my friend changed his mind and agreed to quit the CCP. Persuaded by him, 12 members of his family also agreed to withdraw their memberships in the CCP organizations.

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