A Glimpse into Tuidang

Tuidang background story 2 — Zhang Peng

This video was first published on April 13th, 2008 Zhang Peng, was a college tutor in his hometown of Hanyang City in Hunan Province, China. In his spare time he studied economics, history, and law. After passing the national lawyer's certification test, he worked as...

Tuidang background story 1 — Li Ming

This video was first published on April 13th, 2006 Li Ming, a Chinese woman from Beijing, says she fully understands how 1.5 billion people in China are actually constantly under threat. She was imprisoned seven times and tortured in over 50 difference ways in the...

Tuidang background story 3 — Hu Zhiming

This video was first published on April 13th, 2009 Once a respected and relatively privileged member of Chinese society, Hu Zhiming found himself escaping his homeland on foot, crossing the border into Thailand and eventually immigrating to the United States. He had...

China Watch

China Has Built a Digital Prison for Tibetans

VISION TIMES In the past, thousands of Tibetans migrated into India to escape the brutal Chinese communist regime occupying their land. But now, such migrations have largely stopped as Beijing has built an expansive hi-tech surveillance system that traps Tibetans...

Communism In The World

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