Located next to Brisbane’s central business district, Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park is a popular tourist attraction for climbing, sightseeing, and photography. Chinese tourists enjoying the unique scenery are welcomed by Falun Dafa practitioners who offer them the information they are not allowed to see in China.

Practitioners demonstrate the Falun Dafa exercises. They explain what Falun Dafa is, answer questions, and clarify any misconceptions that the tourists may have due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) propaganda. Many tourists decide to sever their ties with CCP organizations after talking to practitioners.

Tourists Help Each Other

One couple from northeastern China read the information and asked a practitioner several questions. When they were told that hundreds of millions of Chinese have quit the Party’s organizations and asked if they also wished to quit, the husband immediately said, “Of course!” He explained that he had joined the Communist Youth League as a child. The wife smiled and said she hadn’t joined any CCP organizations.

A young man in his 20s was part of the same tour group. After quietly listening to the conversation and reading the banners, he said that he had joined the Young Pioneers and asked how he could quit. When a practitioner said many people used pseudonyms, the woman from northeastern China suggested a pseudonym for him. He nodded in agreement. Most of the tourists in this group chose to quit the CCP organizations.

Tourist: The CCP Has Killed Millions

A tour group from Shandong Province stopped to read a poster about the staged self-immolation. A man in his 20s pointed to it and explained to his family, “It seems this was planned ahead of time so it could be filmed.” A practitioner pointed out that the videos were taken from different angles with various focal lengths. The man’s father agreed and said, “Yes, at that time no one had smartphones to take videos. The average person wouldn’t be able to film videos like this unless it was arranged ahead of time!”

The other tourists all nodded in agreement. They spoke at length with the practitioner about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they said that the CCP’s mistreat people who hold spiritual beliefs. More tourists joined the discussion. When one person disagreed, another tourist told him, “The CCP has killed tens of millions of people and is rotten to the core.”

This Information Is Very Important

A Chinese man in his 50s and his daughter in her 20s were enjoying the scenery. Drawn to the practitioners’ posters, the man stopped in front of each one and read slowly. After his daughter finished taking her selfies, she came over and asked him to photograph her. “I have to read this,” he replied. “This information is very important.” He asked another tourist to help his daughter take photos.

After he finished reading, the man chatted with a practitioner. He said because his family was wealthy, they were targeted during the CCP’s political campaigns. As a result, he never joined any CCP organizations. He said he supported practitioners’ efforts to help people renounce their memberships in the CCP.

When his daughter returned, a practitioner asked if she wanted to renounce her membership in the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. With her father’s encouragement and approval, the daughter agreed before they boarded their bus.

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