Tibet monk detained

Khenpo Kartse who was arrested by Chamdo Police on the night of December 6, is in a poor health condition according to his lawyer, Tang Tian Hao.
He is detained on suspicion of involvement in “anti-state” activities at a monastery in Chamdo.
According to the rights group Amnesty International, Kartse who holds the title “Khenpo” denoting a senior religious teacher or abbot, was arrested in Chengdu, where he had traveled with regard to a purchase of a new idol for Jhapa monastery in Tibet’s Nangchen area.
Khenpo Kartse who is held in “an extremely cold room with no access to sunlight” met his lawyer for the first time on February 26, 2014, since he was jailed.

Poor health

Prior to his arrest, Kartse had sought regular medical attention for his health problems but have gone untreated since he was taken into custody. “He has problems with his liver and lungs. He is coughing up blood, and he has pains in his back and waist.”
Tang called on Chinese authorities to allow regular medical examinations for Kartse and to transfer him to a part of the detention center that has access to sunlight.

A well-known Teacher

Khenpo Kartse is respected among Tibetans for his work to promote the Tibetan language, culture, and religion.
Following the abbot’s arrest, hundreds of monks and lay people in Nangchen walked with placards and banners demanding the release of the abbot. “Please look at the anguish of students separated from their teacher,” read a banner carried by the monks.
Sixteen Tibetans including monks were detained in December 2013, for their involvement in a protest demanding freedom for Kartse. They were released later.
“No one should suffer because of me, I appeal fellow monks to concentrate on your routine monastic education, Khenpo Kartse wrote in a letter he sent from Chamdo.

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