A parade to support Chinese peope quitting the CCP, Washington, D.C.

Troy is an affluent city in the state of Michigan, and has become a business and shopping center within the Detroit Metro area. Troy has always been favored by the Chinese, and more than 20% of its population comes from Asia. The Asian supermarket in Troy is the largest and most popular place to shop for the local Chinese population.
Activists from Tuidang movement of Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), set up an information display area outside of the supermarket in April 2014.
They have been talking to shoppers about Falun Gong, the persecution in China, and encouraging Chinese people to quit the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.
The supermarket is very busy on the weekends, and many people take the informational materials. Some people, after first taking the materials and talking to practitioners, were hesitant about quitting the Party, but as soon as they came out of the supermarket, they asked practitioners to help them withdraw from the Party. Some shoppers also wanted copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a documentary about Communist Party rule in China, with a focus on the party’s history of political repression. All of the copies of the Nine Commentaries practitioners brought were gone after a few days.
Some people used their real names to quit the Party after talking with activists/Falun Gong practitioners. One of them remarked, “What you are doing is not easy!”
“The Communist Party Is truly wicked and I must Withdraw”
A middle-aged Chinese man came with his 70-year-old mother to the information display area. The elderly lady enjoys reading The Epoch Times, and wanted a copy of the newspaper. When a practitioner asked her if she knew about the movement of Quitting the Party and its affiliates, she wanted to withdraw and gave her real name. She said, “When I joined the CCP, the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League were not even established. So I’m an older member of the CCP. The Communist Party is truly wicked and I must withdraw from it.”
“We Will See the End of It Very Soon”
A middle-aged Chinese man told practitioners that his family had already quit the Party and its affiliates. He said, “The CCP is so rotten! We will see the end of it very soon!”
A young Chinese woman walked by the display area and smiled at the practitioners. She finally approached them and asked for some information. At first, she didn’t understand the importance of quitting the CCP. Therefore, a practitioner said, “A Nazi member would still be tracked down and investigated today. Good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive retribution. Do you want to be implicated in the future for being connected with the CCP?” The young lady quickly responded, “I don’t want anything to do with the CCP. They are so evil!”
The practitioner told her that Chinese from the Mainland should withdraw from the Party to avoid future disasters. She immediately gave her nickname and quit the Party, and said that she would bring her husband to do the same thing.
“Don’t Become the CCP’s Scapegoat”
A young woman stopped in front of the display area and asked for the latest copy of The Epoch Times. When a practitioner inquired as to whether she knew about the quitting the CCP movement, she replied, “I’ve heard about it, but where can I do that? Can you help me? I want to withdraw from the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.” The practitioner came up with a pen name to help her quit the Party affiliates.
She returned later and asked the practitioner, “Do you practice Falun Gong?” The practitioner answered yes. She seemed very surprised and commented, “And you dare to encourage people to quit the Party in public places?” The practitioner explained to her, “Falun Gong is an advanced cultivation practice of the Buddha School. There are more than 100 million practitioners. It is practiced in more than 100 countries around the world, but only persecuted in China.” The young woman then wanted to learn more about Falun Gong.
A middle-aged Chinese man took a copy of The Epoch Times and left. He came back later and said, “This is the first time that I’ve seen volunteers encouraging people to quit the Party. I’m glad to see you here.” A practitioner explained to him the importance of quitting the Party. The man replied, “I’ve never joined the Communist Party, and I’m no longer a member of the Youth League and Young Pioneers.” The practitioner explained, “The CCP has deceived the Chinese people. When you first joined the Party organizations, you were made to swear to devote your life to the CCP. “Therefore, you need to declare where you stand, quit the Party to erase the vow, nullify your association with it, and don’t become the CCP’s scapegoat. Once you’ve withdrawn from the Party, the gods will protect you from future disasters.” The man finally understood and made sure to withdraw from the Party’s affiliates.
Non-Chinese Happy to Learn about Falun Gong
A man of Middle Eastern descent came to the display area to read the English version of The Epoch Times. He praised the newspaper when he found out that it was established by Falun Gong practitioners and not controlled by the CCP, and is an independent entity reporting uncensored news about China. He took a copy of a special edition that talked about the persecution of Falun Gong in China, and kept thanking the practitioners.
A middle-aged Caucasian man told practitioners that he had been to China many times. He said his friends had warned him to avoid discussions about politics and Falun Gong when traveling in China. Practitioners shared with him about the persecution and how thousands of China’s hospitals, controlled by the CCP, have profited from forced organ harvesting of persecuted practitioners.
He was very shocked to hear this and wanted to know more about Falun Gong. The man took down the website information and said he wanted to learn the exercises at a nearby practice site.

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