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Toxic Tech in China

Electronics factories in China working for big manufacturers have a high rate of workers contacting cancer and some commit suicide..
Benzene is known as a carcinogenic substence and it was found that Chinese electronics workers are likely exposed to Benzen three times as much as US workers

Parallel Lives Meet in New York

Shiping Lu, a Falun Dafa practitioner had gone in 1999 with other practitioners , to the provincial government appeals office to express concerns about reports that practitioners were being arbitrarily arrested. They were immediately arrested.
She’d be arrested and detained five times until she escaped to Finland. Now she is telling her story as a witness of the persecution of Falun Gong in China

New York: Government Proclamations Supporting Falun Gong

On May 13, The State Senate of New York passed a resolution recognizing Falun Dafa, a Chinese spiritual practice, for bringing better health and inner peace to millions.
Five towns on Long Island also issued proclamations supporting Falun Dafa
May 13 is the date of Falun Gong first introduction in China and recognize as the World Falun Dafa Day, .

Experts Raised Key Systemic Issues in UN Rights Review of China

in a UN review of China’s implementation of a broad range of obligations under the International Covenant, independent experts raised questions on issues linked to human rights abuses in China.
Among the key issues and concerns raised a pattern of corruption and its impact on the judiciary including repression of human rights defenders.

Canadian Lawyers’ Group Concerned About Imprisoned Chinese Rights Lawyer

A Canadian lawyers group called Beijing to guarantee the well-being of the Chinese Human Rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s.
Gao was imprisoned and disappeared several times after he represented repressed groups such as underground Christians and adherents of Falun Gong, a traditional meditation practice.

UN Committee will focus on Tibetan deteriorating economic, social and cultural rights

The UN will review China’s compliance with the Convention on Economic Social and Cultural Rights following request from the International Campaign for Tibet.
Non-governmental organizations are concerned about the deterioration of economic, social and cultural rights in Tibet since China’s last review under the International Covenant for Economic in 2005

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