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Hong Kong Votes for Democracy

The referendum being taken in Hong Kong is not for a political candidate, Hong Kong citizens are voting in an informal poll, organized by two universities, to attempt to secure their right to actually select the candidates that they hope to be able to vote for in the future.
Right now, the Communist Party in Beijing controls who Hong Kong people are allowed to vote into office

Confucius Institute Rejected in North America

The American Association of University Professors sent a statement to nearly 100 US universities to cancel or re-negotiate their agreements with the Confucius Institute to safeguard academic freedom.
“All courses offered by universities and school districts should be under their own control. It is not good for them to be impacted by foreign governments or any third party”, Jim Turk , University Teachers Executive Director

Uhygurs ‘Caged’ by Internet Restrictions, Charges Report

The repression and regulation of the internet in Xinjiang results in severe violations of the fundamental right to freedom of speech
The internet acts as a surveillance instrument, a regulatory weapon, and a collector of evidence, for the Chinese regime
Professor Ilham Tohti, for example, founder of website Uighurbiz, who was arrested last year, is currently facing the grave charge of “splittism.”

Hong Kong Democracy Activists Rebuke China's White Paper

“This white paper is part of the propaganda campaign from the central authorities to warn Hong Kong people and to exert pressure on Hong Kong people to accept an undemocratic electoral system”, said Joseph Cheng, professor of political science at the City University of Hong Kong.

Medical Professionals Condemn Organ Harvesting in China

“It’s a crime against humanity, it’s against human rights and it needs to stop,” said Dr Howard P. Monsour, Jr. referring to the widespread non-consensual organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China, during the 2014 International Transplantation Congress in London last week.

China and Russia Stand Against UN Human Rights Development Goals

A high level United Nations meeting, experts consider that the foundation of Chinese and Russian political domination is against human rights, freedom, democracy and rule of law.
“The CCP’s tyranny is to make all people political slaves. It seeks high-speed economic development by destructive development and utilization of natural resources and the environment”, said former Peking University law professor Yuan Hongbing adding that there won’t be rule of law in China without democracy and freedom.

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