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Relentless Suppression of Independent Voices in China

The daughter of Ilham Tohti, a prominent Uighur economist in Beijing, who has been detained in China since January had a hearing in the US Congress on April 8.
The arrest was, according to Teng Biao, a leading human rights lawyer, “Under the guise of maintaining stability”

Tibetans Renew Protest Over Land Seized for Highway

The protest Tibetans in northwestern China’s Gansu province against seizure of their farmland to build an highway intensified.
According to the protesters the construction of the highway is tied to state-linked gold mining. They say those activities are polluting the environment,

UK calls China a ‘Country of Concern’

“The facts on the ground point to the fact that China’s communist regime severely curtails civil and political rights and utilizes the use of violence frequently when faced with free-thinkers, human rights defenders and those who petition for change” was written in the UK report

Chinese Embassy Attempts to Prevent Rally During Xi Jinping Visit in Paris

The Administrative Court ruled that the ban issued by Paris Police against Falun Gong rally in front of the Chinese embassy.during Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit, was illegal, and violated freedom of expression.
Police Department turned down the Falun Gong application to held a rally due to pressure from Chinese embassy officials,

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