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Lawyers Detained in China for Attempting to Free Falun Gong Practitioners

The Chinese authorities are detaining four prominent rights lawyers for attempting to free Falun Gong practitioners held in a brainwashing center. Responding to the kidnapping of the lawyers, over 100 rights lawyers and concerned citizens released on the internet a statement condemning their confinement,

The View From Inside China’s Brutal Prison System

Many in the West thought that helping to improve China’s economy, and giving China the Olympics in 2008, would somehow result in more respect for human rights. The Swedish businessman George Karimi told experience in the Chinese prison: "The conditions in Chinese prisons are horrible"

UN Experts Slam China for Death of Activist Cao Shunli

The human rights defender Cao Shunli death in custody in China was raised by NGO's in United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council, Cao died, according to family and friends, because authorities denied her medical treatment Inside the Council Chinese representatives filmed and took pictures of NGO's members in contravention of the Council’s rules.

Finland Gets a Taste of Chinese Communist Political Struggle

In Finland, a Chinese woman, supporter of the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, was kicked out the anti-immigration party for her discriminatory reaction to a mail sent by the Organ harvesting forum The forum organizer, Olli Torma remarked:: It made people think about how the Chinese agenda is being advanced in Western societies.

Chinese Bishop Under House Arrest Dies in Shanghai

Joseph Fan Zhongliang, the Vatican-approved Bishop of the Diocese of Shanghai, died while in house arrest. He was Fan under house arrest, following his ordination by Pope John Paul II in 2000 and until his death on Sunday

Canada Raises Organ Harvesting at UN

Anne-Tamara Lorre, Canada’s human rights adviser at the U.N, Human Rights Council meeting :W"e remain concerned that Falun Gong practitioners and other religious worshippers in China face persecution, and reports that organ transplants take place without free and informed consent of the donor are troubling". . ”
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