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China’s problems with Environment Pollution Escalate

In response to large protests against projects that pollute the environment, Chinese authorities might just relocate those controversial projects to less affluent areas in China’s interior.
Minority nationalities in China are particularly vulnerable and their protests can be tarred by the government and its supporters as separatism, “or even terrorism” , said professor Judith Shapiro, American University in Washington.

Outspoken Chinese Political Journal to Be Forced Into Party Fold

“Yanhuang Chunqiu in fact has run as a private company, but the state forced a ‘red hat’ of state-owned enterprises on us,” told the 91 year-old president Du Daozheng
Yanhuang Chunqiu, a an outspoken liberal magazine in China, The official censorship and media control apparatus of the Chinese regime, ask the management to transfer its affiliation to the Chinese National Academy of Arts,

How Many Happy Families Have Been Broken in 15 years

The CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong has gone on for 15 years.
Many Falun Gong practitioners can hardly get together with their families because of long-term, repeated arrest and illegal detention.
Because they won’t give up their belief. they suffer beatings, electric shocks, and other tortures that exceed the body’s endurance.

Daughters of Chinese Dissidents Call for Meeting with President Obama

Daughters of five political prisoners in China call president Obama in a press conference in Washington to intervene to free their father.
Congressman Chris Smith (R-N.J.), said during the conference: “The repression [in China] is pervasive, unrelenting, and absolutely unnecessary—as those detained love their nation and want China to reflect its highest ideals.”

An 81-Year-Old Writer, Was Taken Away by Police in China

The old writer was arrested and charged e of creating a disturbance after he published an article entitled “Liu Yunshan Must Be Punished for His Crime”.
According ti the writer Liu was the source of all corruption in media and publishing in China, an enemy that stopped reform from making progress

Old Pass Torch to Young as Rally Demands ‘Keep Taiwan Free’

Protesters had a rally in Time square NY, calling to Keep Taiwan Independent.
One of them recall History: ““When Nixon went to China, China told Nixon: “If you want to be with me, you have to get rid of Taiwan, but after a certain point, too much appeasement will harm the world, just like before WWII, when European countries tried to appease Hitler.”

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