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Villagers Attacked by Police in Aoshan, China

In an effort to prevent petitioners from appealing in Beijing, armed police storm Aoshan village and beat villagers. "The villagers thought the armed police would spare the elderly and women. But to our surprise, they lost their human nature and beat anyone in sight. Five or six armed police encircled a villager to beat him."

Trial of Chinese Citizen Xu Zhiyong Ends in Silence

In his trial, human rights scholar and activist Xu Zhiyong’s and his lawyer remaining silent. It was to demonstrate their objection to the court’s refusal to allow any of Xu’s 68 witnesses to appear. "Just because we maintained our silence in court, it doesn’t mean we’ll be quiet outside the courtroom"

WATCH: CNN Reporter Roughed Up by Chinese Police Caught on Tape

A CNN crew led by network correspondent David McKenzie covering the trial of a human rights activist in Beijing was roughed up by Chinese police, had their camera broken and were hauled away in a police car. However, the Chinese police failed to destroy the crew's video tape of the incident
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