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Italian medical community is changing pace in the fight against international organ trafficking

The Italian Parliament held it First Symposium on Ethics in organ transplant where and doctors, lawyers and institutions share the same goal, to: promote ethical standards and to eradicate the illegal phenomenon of organ traffic.
China plays a silent role as a protagonist in international transplants: “China does not share any information, because everything concerning transplants is a state secret”, said Dr. King.

China Spies on Global Shipping Using Pre-Infected Hardware

China Spies on Global Shipping Using Pre-Infected Hardware

The Chinese cyberspies now have information on items being shipped and also could have altered corporate and shipping data at will.
It acts targeting high-level networks in the shipping and logistics industry by installing spyware on handheld scanning devices made by a Chinese company at the step of manufacture..

HK Journalists Association Calls 2014 the Darkest Year for Press Freedom

According to the Press Freedom Annual Report by Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA), 2014 has been the darkest for press freedom in Hong Kong for several decades.
HKJA chairperson Sham Yee Lan gave a speech entitled, “Press Freedom Under Siege.”
Paris-based NGO, Reporters Without Borders reported that the ranking of Hong Kong’s press freedom has continued to fall,

Chinese Expats Monitored, Harassed in NYC

Chinese Expats Monitored, Harassed in NYC

System of control reaches from Beijing into NY neighborhoods.
“It’s very common knowledge,” Judy Chen, 55 from Taiwan, said. “If you speak about the Chinese Communist Party, even among co-workers, they’ll tell you to watch what you say.”

US Academic Close to Uyghur Scholar Barred From Entering China

Elliot Sperling—a friend and supporter of economics professor Tohti from the Uyigur minority, has been barred from entering China and was sent back to the United States.
No reason was given to his expulsion: “I think it’s clear that this was because of my advocacy and my support for Ilham Tohti and the fact that I’ve been vocal about that” said Sperling.,

Hong Kong Arrests Five "July 1 Parade" Participants

Hong Kong Legislative Council Leung Kwok-hung was jailed for four weeks.
His crime? He protested the Communist regime’s repression of the democratic movement in Hong Kong with the White Paper’s control over Leung Chun-ying’s government.

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