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Chinese Expats Monitored, Harassed in NYC

Chinese Expats Monitored, Harassed in NYC

System of control reaches from Beijing into NY neighborhoods.
“It’s very common knowledge,” Judy Chen, 55 from Taiwan, said. “If you speak about the Chinese Communist Party, even among co-workers, they’ll tell you to watch what you say.”

US Academic Close to Uyghur Scholar Barred From Entering China

Elliot Sperling—a friend and supporter of economics professor Tohti from the Uyigur minority, has been barred from entering China and was sent back to the United States.
No reason was given to his expulsion: “I think it’s clear that this was because of my advocacy and my support for Ilham Tohti and the fact that I’ve been vocal about that” said Sperling.,

Tibetan Women Attacked, Beaten at Anti-Mine Rally

A group of Tibetan women who had gathered to protest copper mining on land considered sacred, were attacked and beaten by Chinese police.
According to a local source, the police told the Tibetans they had orders to kill them if necessary.

Hundreds of Thousands March for Democracy in Hong Kong

Citizens push back against heavy-handed moves by Beijing.
On July 1, 2014 hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people took to the streets in a peaceful and orderly manner, protesting against the Chinese Communist Party for interfering with Hong Kong and trying to damage the one country, two system policy and asking Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down.

Lone Refugee in NYC Fights to Save Mother

At age 59, Liu, Wang mother is undergoing in a Chinese prison forced labor work in a cold and wet facility with dim lights, just because she practice Falun Gong.
On May 23, Wang mother’s lawyer told her that he had done all he could to help her.
Freedom of Speech
New York City may not be regarded as the crest of justice, but for people like Wang, it was the most relevant place where she could exercise freedom of speech to save her mother

The Hard Way of Foreign Journalists in China

Will the Chinese government intimidation of foreign journalist lead to self-censorship?
According to Paul Mooney, a US journalist an European journalist wanted to interview him, but would wait until January to run the story because the journalist feared it could affect his own visa issues.
The Chinese government rejected a visa application by Money who spent 18 years reporting from China, and he was forced to leave.

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