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Rights Activists, Journalists Slam China's Televised Confessions

The Chinese journalist Xiang Nanfu was forced “confessed” to his crimes on state television CCTV while in detention without trial.
“Reporters Without Borders”, the Paris-based media freedom group, calls on the European Council to sanction state-owned CCTV13’s executives for violating Xiang right to a fair trial by broadcasting his forced confession in order to incriminate him,”

Tibetans Die of Untreated Gunshot Wounds in Custody in China

Several Tibetains gunshooted by Chinese paramilitary forces while protesting peacefully, died from untreated wounds in custody.
They were protesting for the release of their mayor, who had been arrested accused of “illegal activities”, which included a traditional Tibetan horse racing festival, and unauthorized incense burning and praying

Suspected of Spying, Chinese Journalists Banned by Canadian PM

After two reporters from China’s state-run news outlets were banned from Canadian PM trip to the Arctic, a spokesperson from the prime minister’s office told to QMI Agency: “Certain news outlets were no longer welcome to travel with Harper,
One of those reporters, working for “the People’s Daily”, published an article stating the concerns that he and his colleague from Xinhua News Agency,were gathering intelligence for China.

Ethnic Mongolian Herders Evicted From Grasslands by China's Army

“The herders have been forced off their land by the army to make way for a military exercise area” said an ethnic Mongolian resident of Dorbod,
Ethnic Mongolians, who make up almost 20 percent of Inner Mongolia’s population of 23 million, complain of environmental destruction and unfair development policies in the region.

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