Tuidang News

Wife of Tormented Chinese Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Seeks US Help

Gao zhisheng wife, Geng He, spoke at the National Press Club in Washington to call on the U.S. government to do something about the plight of her husband and to ensure that he can be reunite with the family living now in California..
Gao was released from prison in August after being torture while in detention and now his health condition is very poor

Help Me Quit!

Tuidang volunteer’ s call to Chinese people, may be the only opportunity for them to hear information based in factual reality.
After talking with the Tuidang volunteer, many of them are asking help to quit the CCP.

Chinese Man Sues Internet Giant Over Google Censorship

The “Great Firewall”, a complex Chinese system of filters, keyword blocks and manual censorship doesn’t let Chinese Netizen a free access to Internet.
One of them has sued his Internet service provider (ISP) for blocking access to Google, The giant left China few years ago after a showdown with the government over Internet controls.

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