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UN Committee will focus on Tibetan deteriorating economic, social and cultural rights

The UN will review China’s compliance with the Convention on Economic Social and Cultural Rights following request from the International Campaign for Tibet.
Non-governmental organizations are concerned about the deterioration of economic, social and cultural rights in Tibet since China’s last review under the International Covenant for Economic in 2005

China’s Environmental Crisis in a Small Bottle of Black River Water

“We are old, we can die, but our children’s hands have started to change. Their skin has changed!”, said Mrs. Chen, resident of Huaian City in a television program.
She brought with her to the TV program, a small spring-water bottle filled with the black liquid and passed it around. The first host gingerly opened it, took one whiff and recoiled……

Three Chinese Heroes Named on Reporters Without Borders list in Prison

Reporters Without Borders
has published a list of 100 Information Heroes, four of them are Mainland China journalist.
Three out of the four honored Chinese people have either been in prison or are still in prison.
Li Jianjun, exiled in Hong Kong: “one needs to sacrifice a great deal to tell the truth in China”.

No One Wants To Be a 610 Office Director in Huanggang City

The 610 Office is a security agency that was establish to carry out the persecution of Falun Gong.
The first two directors of the Huanggang City 610 Office in, died within two months of assuming the post, officials have since tried to avoid taking the job.
Some officials think: “Falun Gong’s reputation will be restored someday. If I persecute them today, I will be held accountable then”.

Asia's Richest Man Removes Business from China

AS China economy looks to slow down, Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest man is removing all his business from mainland China.
Li Ka-shing’s family will have cashed in on 20 billion yuan in one year, from his mainland properties, after completing the Pacific Century Place transaction, a famous landmark in Beijing.

CPPC publishes names of 100 Political Prisoners in China

CPPC a special organization publishing the status of political prisoners in China Mainland has released the names of 100 political prisoners in China Mainland, which comprises democratic activists, Tibet, Uygur and Mongolian conscience prisoners, Christians, Falun Gong practitioners etc.

Smuggled Toilet Paper Diary Discloses Brutal Torture in Chinese Detention Center

He Wenting, a young women held at the Fu Yong Detention Center, recorded secretly a “toilet paper diary”.
“Today, I was again force-fed twice. My hands are covered with bruises from the handcuffs. But I still shouted loudly: ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are good!
She refused to sign a statement that she will stop practicing Falun Gong.

A protestant church was demolished by the regime in eastern China

The church demolition in Zhejiang Province may be but the first casualties in an all-out war against churches, and perhaps ultimately, all religious buildings in China..
‘They said the cross is too conspicuous, and it should be moved inside the church building and should shrink in size”, said Pastor Sheng.

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