Kari Donovan | United American First

“Our movement switched to posting messages on Money because we knew they would have a harder time getting rid of our message. We call it ‘Truth Money’, Angelica said.

Here is an example of Truth Money:

Truth Money

Top left
The “Falun gong” is Buddhist and remember that “Falun gong” is great. When you face danger the “Falun gong” can save your life.

Comment: “Falun gong” is a Chinese spiritual practice. However the Communist Party does not allow other beliefs to challenge their ruling, so they started to ban “Falun gong” by sending people who practice “Falun gong” to jail and torture them. The Communist Party claims that it is a cult. Actually, the “Falun gong” people always come to Hong Kong and spread their message, because Hong Kong is not under the governance of China and we have the freedom of speech.

Bottom left
Today the weather is not good, please look at the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. Quitting the communist party is a serious matter and not a joke, quit it to ensure safety.

Comment: Since the “Falun gong” is banned by China, the people who practice “Falun gong” hate the Communist Party very much. The “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” is a famous document which criticizes the Communist Party.

Right hand side
Climb over the walls to see the world.

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